Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Some Wonderful Singing Pictures

Jim's friend Steve Kuzma, who is a professional photographer, was in town visiting a few months ago. He came to the Sunday night singing of the local shapenote group and took some pictures that I really love. When I pointed out to Denise that he made everybody look wonderful, Denise replied that his pictures caught something about who people are -- which is what I'm reading as looking attactive. I have posted great singing pictures before, ones taken by my friend Laura Densmore, but Laura is a singer as well as a photographer and her photos capture context. Steve K's photos are more in the lines of portraiture.

I so love all the photos. Here is a just sampling of some of my singing friends looking as I imagine them. Left-click a couple of times for fuller views.

Here is Denise. You couldn't pose something this lovely:

This is a picture of Steve L, which I select to include here because Steve is stunningly handsome. This picture doesn't capture his face-on sweetness or his beautiful voice, but this is a fine-looking man wouldn't you say?

I sometimes speak of my landlord and neighbor Stephen Parker. Here he is:

This is Jim, connecting with me, with Denise looking on in the background:

This is a truly lovely picture of the wonderful Cathy L, a gifted musician and a fine songleader and pitch-giver. This shows what I mean when I say the photographer captured who people are:

Finally, here's me again. These are not the most flattering pictures of me in the sense of making me look handsome, but, well, they do pick up a piece of me I don't always see from the inside. Here I am in schoolmaster mode (a picture others seem to like more than I do):

There's more at this web site -- although Jim edited the number down quite a bit from the original lot. There's a sequence at the very end of me leading a song that seems like a flip-book animation if you page through it quickly with the directional arrow. Jim calls it "Steven and the Bobbing Basses".
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