Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Cheese in Half an Hour

There's a predictability here I'm not sure I like, but by popular request here's this week's cheese note for my office. This week we're having wine -- a co-worker came with me to Surdyk's yesterday and we picked up a Pinot Noir and a Riesling.
Subject: Cheese (and Rumors of Wine) Tomorrow

I won't speak to the rumors of wine. Other communication may be coming.

But I'll speak to the cheese. It's all stuff I really like this week:

Appenzaler from Switzerland. This is kind of a fancy Swiss Cheese. It's used in fondue. I figured it was generally safe even for the folks who prefer their cheeses on the mild side.

Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog. I'd forgotten about this cheese. I used to love it. It's a California artisan cheese (it may be one of the earliest of that genre) and it has a picturesque stripe of vegetable ash running through the middle. The Surdyk's label says "When ripe it is reminiscent of early morning fog". Maybe I should go that way with GNBD documentation: When properly configured with GFS, it brings the slight air of fresh light snow on a delicate January day over an Ethernet LAN.

Fromage de Meaux Rouzaire: That's just a fancy way of saying farmhouse Brie. We had some basic Brie the other week which was on the bland side (you never know with Brie). This one should be sharper.

Tomorrow, 2:30.

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