Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Glamorous Coats of the Depression

In the comments section of a recent journal entry, I noted that a "post a picture of your grandmother in a glamorous coat" might have more success than the other meme I not-so-seriously attempted.

What my father scanned for me is a picture of my grandparents Morris and May in late 1931, when my grandmother is pregnant with my mother. This is the picture which caused my great-aunt Reba to say "That Coat!". When she was young, May had been ill and spent a long time in a sanatorium. After she came home she was treated with great care and delicacy, to her younger sister's apparent resentment. At one point her father bought her a nice coat, and Reba (according to Reba herself, 60 years or so later) put up a huge fuss about how May always got treated better. So her father, in exasperation, handed her some money and said go buy yourself a coat. But he probably said it in Yiddish.

Here is Morris, May, and That Coat.

It's almost painful to see how young they are.
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