Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Xeroxed Old Photos: Me, Me, Me

I'm still playing with my office's new xerox machine that can magically transform xeroxes into pdf files (which I can then display and screensnap into .png files). Today, in a spasm of self-absorption, I am posting three odd pictures of me from the big box of random photos. They are from 1972, 1973, and probably 1992.

First, from 1972. This is very hard to make out, I know, but the reason I'm putting it here is because it captures my first beard, from when I was 15. I didn't shave the summer after sophomore year of high school, and this picture is early August (taken at the Fox Hollow Folk Festival). I doubt you'll see much, but here it is anyway.

This is from about the same time, maybe a few months later. It's from a play the synogogue youth group put on, dramatizations of some Yiddish short stories. I include it because when I look at this picture I am amazed at how freakishly much hair I had as a teenager -- I don't mean freakishly long, I mean there's a lot of it. It was very fine and soft, and it still piled on. I have about half this amount now, and it's still pretty thick.

Ok, those are bad scans of boring pictures. I saved the best for last. My friends Lynn and Tim used to have a Halloween party every year. When you walked in the door they took your picture. This was my cobbled-together costume. Me as biker dude.

That's today's meandering walk down memory lane. And it's all about me.
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