Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Snow, Cars, Predictions, Logistics...

They're certainly preparing for a doozy around here. The weather channel gives the chance for snow tomorrow as 100%; I'm not sure I've ever seen that. So me, I'm trying to be Mr. Prepared.

I was able to move my landlord Scott's truck into the used car lot across the street, which is run by a definite character who has spent decades in a sort of war with the neighbors (my landlord Stephen among them). But he likes Scott, so when he found me digging everything out on Sunday and listened to my Tale of Car Woe he offered the space all of his own accord. I was reluctant to take him up on this, and then I got through the first snow, but when the word started coming down the weather pike about the second storm I walked over and thanked him a million times and offered to pay to move Scott's truck into his lot (which money he laughingly refused). So he now has Scott's truck.

The nice neighbor next door has a small driveway, and tonight we're going to see if we can fit both my landlord Stephen's car and his car into the driveway without sticking out into the sidewalk. Both of us are a little skeptical, but we'll see. Perhaps he'll agree to let me keep the car in the driveway until this next storm and snow emergency end, even if the space if iffy. It's not legal to block the sidewalk, but who knows how strict the city will be during a storm.

On my own end I'm going to take advantage of a situation I considered from the time I first came to interview here at my office in Riverplace but didn't think I'd ever really need: I'm going to leave my car in the (enclosed) parking lot here during the worst of the predicted storm. There will likely be 3 -6 inches of snow tomorrow morning (Thurs), not enough for major problems getting out of the street (as there is when a lot of snow falls), so I should be able to drive in to work. The snow is expected to get serious and heavy and blowing during the day, and then continue to fall through Thursday night. For all that time of predicted heavy snowfall my car will be indoors. I can get home by public transportation -- it's not quick or convenient but it's possible -- and I plan to do this.

I may be able to avoid nearly all of the major car digout issues of last weekend, despite the expectation that this storm will be worse. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on all that.

The next thing to worry about, if all this goes as planned, is what will happen after the snow emergency. In Minneapolis they sometimes determine that there is too much snow to allow safe passage for emergency vehicles so they keep snow emergency parking restrictions in place for the remainder of the winter. The last time they did this I spent five weeks avoiding going out in the evenings except when absolutely necessary because if I didn't find a space by 6 or 7 pm I sometimes couldn't find a space at all within many many blocks. But we'll cross that worry-bridge when we come to it.

In the meantime it is just absolutely beautiful here. The city did the best job I've ever seen them do with plowing the snow, and there was even some melting, so the roads and walkways are clean and clear and surrounded by looming high piles of white. When I look out my office window onto the plazas and walkways of this complex, I see dramatically huge beautiful mounds of plowed snow. There is definitely a feeling in the air that a storm is on the way; I believe that this is something we can feel, probably because of air pressure changes. So in a way this is fun.

I hereby invite all of my Livejournal friends who live in snowfree places like Perth or Adelaide to fly out right now to help me dig out my walkways. You will have a great time. And for those of you with children: This is snowman-building snow! You just need to get here before they close the airport.
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