Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Two Weeks of Cheese Day

Last week's snow did not prevent me from hosting the weekly cheese tasting at Red Hat Minneapolis, I just got distracted from reporting about it here. susandennis was too distracted by her attempts to set up her new computer to berate me for this. So here's last week's and this week's notes to my officemates:


Subject: Today's Cheeses

I invite you all to sample a few cheeses today at 2:30. It's all pretty mild this week.

For the cheese I've never heard of, I have "Montasio Italian Cheese". I sampled a bit. It's basic and creamy. I think the deal is to put a little bit on the tongue and enjoy the dairyness of it. It's cow's milk, made in a monastery so it comes with sacred pedigree.

I picked up some Edam from Holland. Really basic stuff, but we haven't had it yet. The Surdyk's label says "excellent for snacking or lunches served with dark beer" which is what you'd say if you really have nothing to say.

For the Wallace and Gromit fans among us I got some nice Wensleydale -- not the packaged small wheels with the picture of Wallace and Gromit, but a slice from a nice big wheel with a slightly aged and crumbly texture. At its worst Wensleydale tastes a bit chalky, but for the most part it's a basic common English cheddar-like cheese.

So nothing stinky this week, just a nice smooth butterfat experience.


Followup: The Wensleydale turned out to be the best Wensleydale I've ever had, with a luscious texture and a delicious flavor. The Edam was also far better than I expected Edam to be. Hooray for Surdyk's!


Subject: 50 Cheeses 50!

This week's three cheeses make for a total of 50 different cheeses on the list of what we've tried over the last four months or so. I may have missed a few in my accounting in the early weeks, but we should consider this our golden cheese day. They grow up so fast.

I'm real happy with this week's choices:

Carr Valley Applewood Smoked Cheddar (Lavalle Wisconsin): I thought this would be like the cheap thick supermarket cubes of my childhood, but no, actually it's very creamy and tasty. The cheese itself is very mild, but that makes the smokey flavor really nice. This is definitely a cheese to eat as a nice snack with good strong beer (rather than to nibble delicately with snooty French wine).

Blue Cheese of the Week: Blue D'Auverge from France. It's reasonably priced for a French cheese. The cheesemonger says it's very good. Again, creamy is the operative word. (There is a slight chance this is one of the cheeses we had in the early days before I kept good records, but since I'm the one setting the rules here I don't think this should be cause for a fine.)

Pleasant Ridge Reserve: This is a buttery cheese, and the Surdyk's description is worth quoting in its entirety. "Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an original cheese patterned after select mountain cheeses from the Alpine provinces of southeastern France. This raw milk artisanal cheese offers a delicate old world style cheese with a distinct flavor. It received the Best of Show in 2001." That's pretty vague (distinct? what show? what is an old world style?) but it uses the words "mountain" and "Alpine" and "delicate" -- why, it could be talking about GFS readahead!

As usual, tomorrow at 2:30. I haven't yet moved cheese day to Thursday (now that Tuesday is quiche morning) because I won't be here Thursday this week. Maybe next week. I'll check around.

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