Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

One of Bob's Tunes

Yesterday I wrote about writing dances for my Morris team, and noted that team member/founder/musician Bob has written some tunes for us. His tunes tend to be interesting and danceable. I thought I'd give an example, since I happen to have one on hand.

Although I like this tune and find that it sticks in my head, it is not really my favorite one of Bob's. It is, however, named after me so it gets a prime spot in my heart. The B part of the tune has two variants, played twice each, because you slow down the tune when it comes time to dance RTBs and splitters.

If you can follow this tune and have experience dancing Morris, you might note that in the B part there is musical room to dance the relevant figure three times through (instead of two or four), which may be unique in Morris and makes the accompanying dance a slightly off-kilter one. I point this out because in the original conceived choreography we did the figures four times (which is deadly in this dance, especially since every dancer does all the figures together and there is no break) but (a) it risked coronary complications and (b) it didn't work out well in the execution. I'm pretty sure that Bob modified the tune accordingly after we'd worked this out.

So here is MY TUNE!

(Click twice on the image for fullsize.)

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