Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Office Breakin

Oh look, a whole new set of emotional responses to work through and decipher.

My work offices were broken into last night. My cubicle was trashed, my laptop and docking station were taken, and the envelope that contained all the money people have put into my hat for every cheese day since November was taken from my desk drawer. At this point the office as a whole seems to have emotionally recovered, and I suppose I'm nearly there as well, but I'm feeling strange and icky and, in a displacement move, pissed off to the point of apoplexy at the notice I got from AT & T yesterday that they are changing my billing plan yet again because they don't like how little I use them for long distance so they're just going to charge me $5 every month anyway whether I use them or not, even though I'm already paying an enormous amount for any call I do make through them. That enrages me even more than the stolen money, since it's legal and corporate-sanctioned robbery.

On the whole, I have less cause to complain than other friends of mine who have been robbed -- mostly because this was my office, not my home. Also my office manager is dealing with all the logistics: The police report, the replacement equipment, the initial contact with the support staff to get me back up to work speed. She even found an old system for me to use. Because it was Red Hat equipment stolen from a Red Hat facility, there isn't even any question about whether Red Hat will replace it. Some of the other things that were stolen belonged to individuals, and while it's likely they will be replaced the administrative overhead is much greater for them -- in some cases they may have to put claims in with their own insurance companies. It's been a frustrating day getting various things installed on this temporary old system, but I had good support for that. Because my laptop is automatically backed up each day, I lost only one afternoon's work (although it happens it was an afternoon devoted entirely to a hundred small updates and it will take me perhaps twice as long to redo that work as it did to do it in the first place -- mostly because of the time I am spending figuring out what has to be redone and what does not).

They took some strange things: two cases of grapefruit juice, a pair of sneakers, and an overhead projector (but not the cable, without which the projector is useless). I thought they either took or destroyed my work glasses, but I found them on the floor a few feet away. It was an odd morning, and I was in a strange state. Now I feel pervasively exhausted.

But it was cheese day, and everybody came, all peppy and silly. Hooray for butterfat!
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