Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Last-Minute Flurry

Stuff just builds and builds leading up to my departure on a trip of any sort. I have now checked in for my flight tomorrow, and I've printed out a zillion maps to get me from the airport to the camp where I'll be staying. I also found out where there are gas stations near the airport, for rental car return -- boy these Internets are really something. I'm trying to get emergency contact numbers of the Ale hosts. All of what I'm bringing is laid out, although not actually in a suitcase yet. We're in the final stretch.

The overlay to all this is that my parents will be in Minneapolis this weekend, for a family wedding that I can't attend because I'll be in St. Louis. So they're staying on an extra couple of days for a visit. Which means that in addition to preparing for my trip I am preparing to have guests, who will be there when I return. I did some cleaning last weekend -- not nearly enough -- and that's the last chance there will be. I just went out and picked up some foods to have on hand. My parents insist this is not necessary, and this is probably true, but it's always a good idea to stock up a little for guests, to have basic things like fruit and milk (skim in this case -- something I would never purchase for myself). This all involves counting back from departure, figuring out what has to be finished by when.

I don't actually have to stock up on liquor. I'm pretty much covered there.

We're heading in to a busy few days here...
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