Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Served Up In Pewter It Tells Its Own Tale

As Andy said afterwards, "The Ale has never disappointed". It was a fine time in St. Louis last weekend. It was also an extraordinarily fast-moving time: It was Friday afternoon and then it was Monday morning, poof! There were several moments of dance and two of song that I am still reliving in my head, with time-traveling vividness.

I'll probably be pulling out moments to describe and consider over the next week or so, but for now I have a few photos, courtesy Deb and Matt. They mostly took pictures of our own team, of course; the full set of photos is available at our team's website, (behind the 2007 Midwest Ale Pictures link, after clicking on the entry image).

This is our team's Foot Up at the beginning of our show dance on Saturday morning, before the assembled crowd of Morris dancers. (Left to right: Matt, Michael, me, Andy, Jack, Douglas) As I've written, we're a leapy team. Here we are starting our dance and commanding our space. This may show what I mean when I say that at our best we move as a team. From inside the set, it sometimes feels as if we are pelicans flying in aerodynamic formation catching each other's tailwinds.

Did I say we were a leapy team? Here we are heading into our whole jib, on our springy feet. I'm the short fat one in the middle.

The dance is "Old Peculiar". We toss our sticks way way high in the air. Here Michael and Jack have launched their sticks as rockets.

We weren't really the only team there. Here's a whole bunch of dancers from a whole bunch of teams plus the occasional betty. hobby, and fool doing a mass dance. What's interesting to notice here is that the movement at this point of the dance is to hold your stick up in the air. Most members of Squash Beetle Morris (from Lexington Kentucky) toss their sticks in the air at that point. So you can look across this field of Morris dancers and pick out where the members of Squash Beetle are.

A little later on Saturday morning my team struck up one of our very new dances, "British Grenadiers". This photo explains why my right knee today is impossibly and worrisomely sore and tender; we take one beat to jump into this position on the cement.

Did you notice that Bob (our musician) is wearing only one shoe?

On Sunday, during a pub stop in Kirkwood Missouri, we danced in a small indoor space. Here, in "Lass of Richmond Hill", Jack and Matt are compensating for the size of the space by pretending to be conjoined twins while doing their splitters.

Andy, like most of the team, stayed up quite late each night for pickup dancing. Here he rests on the bus on the way home from the Sunday tours.

Believe me, this just hints at the outline of the weekend.

Whew, I'm tired.
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