Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Latest Fad in Blandishment?

As contextual background I've gotta' say that at the Minneapolis Eagle or the Pride Parade the general level of flirtatiousness is a bit higher than, say, at your office party or Thanksgiving dinner. So things get said that might seem a little excessive (or in any case significant) in those other contexts but which don't have the same level of impact in the contexts at issue. So tone down the intensity a few notches here.

On Pride Sunday, at two different places, by two different men, I heard the same comment, the sweet assertion (accompanied by a hug or maybe a little more) of "You are a beautiful man." How could the same romance novel phrase come up twice like this? Is this one of those improbable moments (that define my life, actually), or is this the latest fad in flirtation? Both guys were a bit younger than me, which brings up a generational possibility. Is this the latest incarnation of, oh, "You're a cool dude!" or, come to think of it, "You're beautiful, man." That at least could seem like etymology.

Ok, that will be my theory. The hippy-dippy "You're beautiful, man" (said by a stoner) has morphed into "You're a beautiful man" (accompanied by a kiss or at least a stroking gesture on an exposed body part).

Any other theories? Has anybody else even noticed this?

It seems worth the mentioning.
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