Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

eBay Oddities

It's been a while since I've done an "eBay with Steven" journal entry. Today I have three items I found on eBay that seem odd to me -- like "whose idea was this?" or "who would buy this in the first place?" odd.

I suppose this first item makes a certain kind of sense. It's a child's chamberpot. And I guess if you're going to make a child's chamberpot it's nice to have images that appeal to children decorating the pot. Still, the combination of what goes into the pot with the happy antiseptic wonderland of Disney strikes me as discordant. This is probably from the 1930s.

This next item is, in a way, just a standard promotional piece of swag: An old-fashioned (aka "rocks") glass with the StarKist tuna logo, Charlie the Tuna. Now first of all, Charlie the Tuna is in itself a strange idea -- Charlie is an anthropomorphic tuna who is just too low-class to be captured and killed and canned by StarKist (although he believes himself to be the epitome of good taste). StarKist, after all, doesn't want tuna with good taste -- it wants tuna that tastes good. You'd think Charlie would find this a relief rather than a source of frustration. This campaign reminds me of the barbecue stands with cute happy neon pig logos. Aren't the pigs adorable? Let's eat them!

What I think of here is: What would you serve in this glass? The water you drain from the tuna can? Pureed fish juice with rum on the rocks?

The last item is back to Disney, the source of many things bizarre (or at least it's the eBay category I check). This is a souvenir from Disneyland: A set of bronze-plated mini-forks with the Disneyland logo imprinted on the handle. But why? If you went to the gift store at Disneyland, why would you think to buy bronze-plated mini-forks? These are clearly not an item for children, not in any household that lives this side of the child protection laws. Once you've entered the world of souvenirs there's no telling what sorts of items you will find, but this goes a little bit over the line of pointlessness. Are there people with souvenir mini-fork collections? The fact that there are six forks here implies that these forks were meant to be used (rather than displayed on a tchotke shelf). Is the Disneyland logo a decoration that appeals? To whom? Was this the idea of the fork manufacturer, or of the Disney folks?

There really are too many questions here.

You can click on that picture for a larger rendering, in case your curiosity takes you that far.
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