Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Stupefied By Memory

This is my third journal entry today, which is three times more than my personal guidelines and I apologize for the flurry, but metallumai just sent me a photo that's hitting me hard -- in a good way, in the best way -- and I have to pass this along because I am overwhelmed.

In short, this is simply the illustration to accompany my livejournal entry ( that I wrote after this year's Midwest Morris Ale in which I described leading a song on Sunday night. This was an amazing and special moment. No photograph could possibly capture what I was trying to describe, of course, since what I was trying to describe is by definition ephemeral. But at least here we have a record.

I actually think this is a good picture all on its own, even without the emotional resonance it has for me. It does show what a certain sort of moment at the Ale looks like.

But here's the thing: The entire photograph is framed by the backs of the heads of my teammates Andy and Matt. That tall man standing next to me is Bob. On the other side of me you can see Jack, who I don't really hear sing much but he's definitely singing here. You can make out Deb (in a red shirt).

There were maybe 75 or possibly 100 people who were gathered around me just at that moment. Very few of them are captured in this picture. But of those who are, the most prominent are on my team. This is not just a photo of me, this is a photo of me supported and surrounded and explicitly framed by my team.

Can I be forgiven an onrush of sentiment? Do you feel it in the photo?

May there never be another war. Said the sailor, Amen!
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