Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

My Past Drops By To Visit

It's nice that I now have a side room in which guests can sleep on a futon bed in closed-door privacy. You see, my past has been coming to visit this month. I'm glad I can offer it a couple of pillows.

On Monday my college band friend Rozan showed up for the evening from Madison. One of her daughters, a student at Carlton, wanted to come to the Twin Cities to go to a concert with a friend, so Rozan decided to drive up with her and visit me. It was a case of mother and daughter visiting college friends, if you forget about the three-decade time differential. Rozan and I lived in singles next door to each other senior year, so we're used to seeing each other on the way to the bathroom first thing in the morning. Her visit was very pleasant. We went out to dinner, we stayed up somewhat late and talked, we went out for breakfast, and I sent her on her way. The hours whizzed right by.

Rozan's daughter, it seems, finds it odd that people her parents' age are still talking about college. Hey, we are the accumulation of our past, whether we want to be or not. We might as well embrace it.

On Saturday my high school friend Patti is flying in, to visit me for a few days. I've been describing Patti to people as "my high school girlfriend" but that's not an entirely accurate description. I haven't seen Patti in many years. I'm actually sort of giddy about her visit; it has loomed large since she contacted me about the possibility. I'm not certain what we'll do while she's here, but I don't think that matters much. I was hoping to fill the evenings by socializing with my close friends, to bring her in to what now constitutes my life, but this seems to be the weekend when everybody is out of town. Still, my friend Michael is around, so I'm trying to convince him that he would enjoy spending an evening with me and Patti. While I revert to being 15, no doubt.

I love that I've just been sitting around my apartment and the phone's been ringing with calls from long-ago friends who want to come to Minneapolis just to see me. This is all very exciting and flattering. And ok, it's not as if I haven't been in general touch with Rozan all along -- I've gone to visit her a few times over the years as well. But still, people who meant a good deal to me when I was a teenager come by and I see the world with those same eyes.
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