Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Still a Luddite, but Perfectly Safe

Of all the many reasons that having no Internet access in my home is occasionally problematic (but it's peaceful -- so, so peaceful) I never considered that people who follow my livejournal would be worrying about me after a tragic local disaster if I didn't check in. I just don't have enough experience in these matters to account for that. I appreciate the concern and apologize for any unnecessary worry.

Here's the deal: I work right near the bridge that collapsed (but then again, anybody who works downtown could reasonably say the same thing) and I cross the Mississippi to get home. I rarely take that bridge for my commute (although like most folks here I cross that bridge all the time). Also: Because of the construction that was taking place on the bridge, the exit ramps near my office that lead on and off the bridge (and 35-W) have been closed for a month, which means none of my co-workers were taking that route home.

Most of us were leaving work just about the time the bridge collapsed. I was crossing the 3rd Avenue Bridge and there was notable traffic weirdness on Washington Ave heading east and on 3rd Avenue heading north over the river. This would have been literally within minutes of the bridge collapse. But I didn't actually see anything, since I was heading away from the scene. If I had looked over while crossing the 3rd Avenue bridge I might have seen something, but the view downriver from your car is pretty blocked there.

Some of my coworkers were there, though, crossing over the highway on University heading east. What they mostly saw was dust, and then -- heading in the opposite direction as they drove on -- emergency vehicles. All of my co-workers but one are accounted for at this point, and he doesn't drive. The chances of him having been biking under the bridge on his way home are pretty minimal.

I stopped at a market on the way home. As I was checking out, people throughout the store started to get calls on their cell phones asking if they were all right, which is how I overheard what had happened.

So now there are some traffic nightmares, and stories are emerging, and things feel very strange. I'm not sure what else there really is to say that you can't hear in great detail on the news.

But I'm fine and I'm sorry I seem to have been the cause of concern for some of you.
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