Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Garrison on the Bridge Failure

I have not been pleased with Garrison Keillor's recent columns in Salon (which are printed in the local paper as well). He seems to have lost his mastery of tone, and I sometimes can't tell whether he's saying horrendous things or mocking the viewpoint he is presumably espousing. But mostly what this recent work has been lacking is the startling and zinging observations of human behavior and thought that characterize his best work. For a while he had an advice column in Salon and while sometimes (often?) he gave very bad advice indeed the format itself provided a nice impetus for these pungent insights.

But I still read him and I'm glad I do because he wrote something yesterday in a column about the collapse of the I-35W bridge that I just love:

...many people felt that a time of tragedy is no time to be pointing the finger of blame. Many men who have shot their wives have felt the same way.

In context he is specifically cricizing a governor who has vetoed a few bills that would have paid for road and bridge repair. But even without that specific, it's a great line that extends a bit beyond Minnesota.
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