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Cheese Day and Cheese Commentary

This is a two weeks worth of cheeseday journal entry. This time I'll include the comments in the cheese notebook as well as my cheese announcements.

By way of background: One of the cheeses noted here is Chipotle Cheddar. We work near a branch of Chipotle's which is a kind of fresh-food fast-food Mexican chain that my coworkers love. They call it Chippies. There is no connection between the Cheddar and the restaurant, but the comments imply one.

August 14. Rich, Creamy Cheeses
Here's what I snatched up at Surdyk's that we haven't yet tried:

Fromage D'Affinois: This is like a Brie but it's not a Brie. It's familiar, but I didn't see it on my cheese list of cheeses we've had.

Canadian Oka: "Highly regarded for its fine character". Would that we could say the same for the rest of us.

Hook's Tilston Point Blue, Mineral Point Wisconsin: The Blue of the Day.

Harley Farms Goat Cheese -- with FLOWERS! This was really really pricey for the small wheel, but it has FLOWERS. It's "hand ladled". Maybe it will be absolutely great and worth the price and I'll get it again for myself. Maybe I'll consider it a rip-off. But figuring out which of those statements is true is what this is about!

Hook's Tilston Point Blue:
Bob: Too bleu for yeu? Me teu.
Ben: Good Blue
Nate: Blah. I don't like this bleu. Not surprising.

Canadian Oka:
Bob: Yummuy
Ben: Nothing to write home about, but decent.
Nate: The middle is okay. The rind is very bad.
Dave: I like this, mild taste

Harley Farms Goat Cheese:
Nate: Uninspiring. Chalky
Bob: Good, flavorful, almost minty
Ben: Definitely not worth more than $2 an oz
Dave: This is a goat cheese I don't mind.

Fromage D'Affinois:
Laura; Oooh the fat molecules!
Dave; Great, very rich
Bob: Good
Nate: Nice and light. Very good. The best this week.
Ben: Nice. Give me faux brie over real brie any day

August 21: 4 Cheeses 4
I liked these cheeses when I sampled them, but I happened to be really hungry at the time so that might have influenced my judgement.

La Leyenda Brandy Cheese Spain: Raw sheep's milk -- aged 12 months, rubbed with oil and fine herbs and soaked in brandy for a few days. Nutty. I mean the flavor, not the process.

Pecorino Pepato: Sounds like a character in The Magic Flute. Try singing it lightly and quickly with Mozartian flourish. It's mild and has peppercorns throughout.

Rogue Chipotle Cheddar: From the Rogue Creamery in Oregon. Another peppery one.

PLUS: A leaf-wrapped wheel of some French spreadable stuff. La Vache de Chalais.

We are rich in cheese today.

La Leyenda Brandy Cheese:
Nate: Okay. Not a strong alcohol flavor like I was expecting.
Dave: Nice, very light brandy flavor
Bob: Good

Pecorino Pepato:
Nate: Gooood.
Dean: Pecorino meet peppers, peppers meet Pecorino. Like it!
Dave; Nice, slight sheep hints, a little sour
Bob: Looks bad, tastes good.

Rogue Chipotle Cheddar:
Nate: Mmmm. Very good.
Dean: Chippies!! Nice! Just need chips and beer!
Dave: Very nice, similar effect to Chipotle steak seasoning.
Bob: Smoky, spicy flavor. The "Slim Jim" of cheeses.

La Vache de Chalais;
Bob: Didn't like. Looks good, tastes bad.
Nate: Not a fan of this one.
Dean: Reminds me of a really good fresh cream cheese with the dryness of a Chevre.
Dave: Very interesting, clean, raw flavor. Like it.

You all realize I have similar sets of comments for nearly every week of cheese since October. The folks here want me to enter all this info into a database of some sort.
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