Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Seattle Times

The big plans I'm making these days are for the weekend trip to Seattle with my parents I'll be taking at the end of September.

This started a few months ago when I was checking out some architectural walking tours given by the Seattle Architectural Foundation, including a Craftsman Bungalow tour of the Ravenna neighborhood. This is the sort of thing that interests my parents very much, so I mentioned this to them, asking if they would consider going to Seattle (from the east coast) just for a weekend, just to take this tour. Sure, they said, that's the sort of thing they'd do. After all, the excuse for our trip to San Francisco last year was an exhibit at the De Young Museum on the Arts and Crafts movement. On further research, I learned that the bungalow tour is offered only once a year, in conjunction with an Arts and Crafts conference. Well, now this is all falling into place nicely. In fact, once I mentioned the possibility to my father it was pretty much a done deal. We're meeting up in Seattle on Thursday 9-27 and staying through to Monday. There's a nice conference hotel with a very good rate in the First Hill neighborhood.

That was step one. As it happens, my former sister-in-law lives in Seattle. So my niece Jessie in Austin will be joining us for the weekend as well, to see her mom and to spend time with us. We're all having dinner together on Saturday night.

That was step two. For step three I thought about all the people I want to see in Seattle but whom I will not have time to visit. So, after some background email with susandennis, I decided I would host a wine and appetizer party at Susan's downtown condo, with a theme of: Things I can purchase ready-to-eat at the Pike's Place Market that day. I've written various folks with advance warning. At this party there may be, besides me and my parents and Susan: Some friends I know from LISA/Usenix conferences (that's the largest contingent), a friend from college I haven't seen in 25 years who works as a lawyer for the ACLU, my ex-sister-in-law and maybe her teenage daughter, my niece, two former co-workers from SGI, maybe a Minnesota Morris dancer in exile, the erstwhile love slave and his ex, and maybe even baybryj who is thinking of flying up from San Francisco just for the heck of it (he knows my parents and was good friends with one of the SGI colleagues). I haven't actually heard back from all of these folks, but they are all possibilities. There will be at least 4 people at the party, and perhaps as many as 20.

This will be fun. Some lectures at the conference, the Bungalow tour, an afternoon shopping for delicious food at Pike's Place Market, a cocktail party, plus time with family and former family.

It will be a busy three days, and I'm looking forward to it. I particularly love that susandennis is helping me host a party at her place. We've been exchanging email discussing the various delicious things I should be able to find at the market. Artisanal cheese. Italian deli food. Spanish wine. Smoked salmon. Yum yum yum.

At the core, it's always about the food.
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