Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Party Post and You're Invited!

When I went to the Pike Place Market during my whirlwind trip to Seattle last year, I had the same sense of frustration I had when I went to the food court at Harrod's in London: If only I lived here I'd have an excuse to buy some of this wonderful food. An idea formed in the back of my head that I would come back to Seattle and host a party, serving foods I purchased in the Market. There were just too many cheeses I wanted to try -- and for that matter, too many intriguing wines. Plus the amazing produce of the Pacific Northwest.

Once in a great while I really do see through these notions (I really will have my 50th birthday party someday, I promise). When it started to look as if it would work out to meet up with my parents in Seattle to attend an Arts and Crafts conference and take a bungalow tour in the Ravenna neighborhood, I floated the party idea before some of my Seattle friends. susandennis rose to the occasion and said she'd be delighted if I would host the event at her downtown condo. I invited some friends who live in and around Seattle and Susan bought some platters plates and wineglasses and then last Friday my parents and baybryj and I all went shopping in the market. We bought wine and cheese and smoked fish and artisan salami and delicious fruit and inexpensive but decent wine.

Fortunately ctseawa was there with a camera. You can click on any of these images to get a larger version. Here's a picture of Susan and a portion of the food.

Does it look appetizing? Would you like to come?

Welcome to the party. Isn't this a great place? Ned here treated us to the wine.

Have you metbconn, my host last spring? Have you met my parents?

This is my college friend Nancy. I haven't seen her in over 25 years. She does good work as a lawyer for the ACLU and as a public defender.

My niece Jessie is here! Can you believe she's old enough to drink? And there are the bearded boys in the background: bconn again, sinnabor the erstwhile love slave, and his ex philbutrin. Aren't they all just too cute for words?

Isn't it great that my ex-sister-in-law Melissa came? She's here with her charming husband Markus. Grandpa, mom, stepdad, and daughter are bonding here through wine. Have a glass yourself. There's plenty.

Susan, Phil, and Brian are having a fine time. Why don't you pull up a chair and join them?

Here's LaNet. I worked with her at SGI where she was directly responsible for putting the wheels in motion to get me to Australia; she also taught me about SAN networks. She and her husband Brian (with whom I also worked at SGI) just moved to Seattle where Brian took a high-falutin' job at Microsoft. She and my dad are chatting.

There were three Brians at the party. And here they all are. Meet Brian, Brian, and Brian. Don't you love Susan's colors?

Are you still hungry? Would you like some amazing smoked salmon? Some asian pears? Some blackberries? Some chevre?

Sorry you have to go. Phil and Betty would say goodbye but they're having too much fun.

I hope we can do this again soon.
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