Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Sysadmin Power

This is work stuff.

In order to test some quota management commands for the file system I'm documenting, I'm setting up some random test groups of users. This level of basic system administration is something I have never done. (For non-sysadmins: that's the absolute basic easiest simplest first baby task a sysadmin does -- the equivalent in music not even of learning a scale, but of learning a single note). I went poring through various man pages to figure out how to do this and found myself modifying various /etc files when a co-worker said to me, "You know, the useradd and groupadd commands do all of that for you".

Are my sysadmin friends laughing at me at this point?

Anyway, that's not what was fun. What was fun was making up names of groups and users.

I set up a group called stooges with members moe, larry, and curly.

Then I needed to test setting quotas by group name rather than GID so I set up a group called supremes with members flo, mary, and diana. Diana has a much higher limit of user space than either mary or flo. And if diana requires more user space you know that I'm going to take it from flo.

Why didn't you folks tell me how much fun this was?

I feel like Harriet the Spy playing Town.
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