Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Art Cards

I've been having a great time lately making postcards to send to my friend Arnold. Sometimes I modify existing cards, sometimes I start from scratch. I use vintage magazines and children's textbooks and encyclopedias for raw material, for both prose and pictures. This is so much fun that I find myself staying up late into the night, or otherwise losing track of time. So let's call it art.

The other week I purchased some vintage bodybuilding magazines. These turn out to be a treasure trove for the cards. The first thing I did was modify some bland Christmas cards that Habitat for Humanity sent me as a fundraiser and which I would usually just toss. 1950s musclemen, properly positioned, can bring new life to those cards.

Sometimes the postcards I make are extrememly simple, like this one. The picture is of Reg Park, who starred in some Hercules movies. The text is from an ad in a late 40s women's magazine.

This is another simple one. It shows the proper shoes to wear when lifting weights, wouldn't you say?

But this one is the simplest of all. I added nothing. I just cut this out of an old magazine. It reflects such an innocent time. Or maybe a guilty one.

I just shake my head in amazement. If you can't make out the caption, it says this:

Coach NOSSIER kissed FAYAD in conveying congratulations on his impressive victory in the featherweight division (we didn't even know they were engaged). This medium of expressing felicitations is a customary procedure in a number of nations.

I could probably write an entire thesis on the ramifications and resonance of that caption. But I'll let it speak for itself.
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