Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Dancing on Halloween

Every year I write about the Border Morris team dancing out on Halloween, at a street in Saint Paul where the residents do Halloween up big. They block off the street and many folks decorate their house and perform what amounts to theatrical events in honor of the holiday. This year the local paper came by and put up a slideshow of photos they took, some of which were of us and those I reproduce here. I am not in these photos, as the photographer was going for the dancers rather than the musicians, who stand off to the side.

This is the photo I like best because it shows my viewpoint when I sing for a Molly dance. Most prominent in this picture, facing where I would be standing, is my friend Tim -- he of the prodigious apple tree I spoke of a week or so ago. After the dancing we all went to Tim and Lynn's nearby house, where we ate pizza rather than apples.

This photo must be from one of the Mollys, since the team is wearing neither their vests nor bells. Isn't it sweet? Aren't we pals?

That's all the photos they published of our team. But they did manage to catch an evanescent Anna Bean, dressed as a fairy and flitting magically across the street.

So that was my Halloween.
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