Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

This Time it was Women's Basketball

I wasn't real enthusiastic about going to the Minnesota Lynx game last night (the Lynx being the local professional women's basketball team, for those of you who follow this sort of thing as little as I do). But a long time ago I had agreed to play with the Minnesota Freedom Band as part of a pep band for last night's game. At the time I agreed to this I didn't realize that this would mean that I would have no free evening for the first week after returning from my trip to Providence (I'm not fully unpacked yet, the laundry mountain will be immense by the time I get to it, and the sleep deficit builds), nor did I think through the fact that this would involve leaving work early on a short week in which I have to leave work early on two other days and still manage to produce a full week's work. So I was in a pretty whiney mood when I showed up at the Target Center last night.

But it turned out to be a lot of fun. The women (well, I admit that I kept thinking of them as girls, but they look pretty young to me, despite their astonishing height) seemed to be having a good time. Nicole Ohlde looked embarrassed when a foul was called on her, with her giggly smile and her hand covering her mouth; have you ever seen a male basketball player behave like this? The opposing team - the Silver Stars - had one player whom the tuba player and I dubbed "Smiley Girl" and we spent the game watching her glowing countenance, when we weren't watching "Giant Girl" who may well have been over seven feet tall. Giant Girl had the lankiest limbs ever, and very sweet body language; she would affectionately pat the tops of her teammates heads during warmups (with her outsize hand the size of a hat).

The band played before the game, and then briefly during halftime, and we stood up a lot and danced during the commercial breaks when disco music would play and child cheering teams would perform their cute little routines on the court. At one point I looked over at my friend April, who had placed the team roster on her music stand and was looking back and forth between her roster and the players. I yelled out that the roster was not like a Chinese restaurant menu, where she could order what she wanted. She was saddened to hear this.

All in all the atmosphere was relaxed and happy, which is not what I associate with professional sports events. And once again I felt that in my little way I was out contributing to the general atmosphere of my community, by playing in the band, the way I feel when I'm out Morris dancing in public or marching with a band in a parade. I really do think this is important.

Tonight I'll be dancing with my Morris Team at the Prospect Park Ice Cream social, in a little neighborhood that sits on the border between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Ah, summer.
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