Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

This Green and Pheasant Land

You'd think that with my involvement in various activities that tend to lie towards the outskirts of mainstream culture I would be immune to amusement at learning of some new area of passion and activity I had never before considered. But on my way to work this morning I saw a billboard that made me smile, a billboard advertising the upcoming Pheasant Fest in St. Paul.

It's their 25th Anniversary Convention!

National Pheasant Fest combines a national consumer show, habitat seminar series, and features attractions the entire family can enjoy. National Pheasant Fest offers something fun for everyone, from puppies and paintings to guns and gun dogs, and everything in between.

Nearly 25,000 people attended last year's Pheasant Fest in Des Moines.

So I share this information with all of you.
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