Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Cornucopian Tuesdays

Today was the first Cheese Day of the New Year at Red Hat Minneapolis, after a three week break. The clerk at Surdyk's actually said to me, on checkout, "But you've had the Mimolette before, haven't you?" (Actually, no -- Even if I didn't have the cheese record on file I would have remembered, it being notably salty but otherwise very rich and creamy, like a super-Cheddar, and absurdly orange.)

But an issue has developed with Cheese Day. I selected Tuesdays because most of the developers here have a Tuesday morning meeting so it's the day the fewest people work at home. But one colleague has moved to Maine and works from there, and another has decided to work at home until they replace the I-35W bridge (he had one frustrating traffic morning -- not typical, but he's the sort of guy who would respond to a single day's frustration with a sweeping major act like changing his work routine). The bigger issue for me, though, is that we just have too much food on Tuesdays.

You see, we have the wonderful full-of-life office manager who provides food for the Tuesday morning meeting. She once ordered full breakfasts for us all (breakfast burritos), but 10am is just the wrong time for breakfast so that was not a big success. Now she just makes sure we have donuts. I will usually refrain from eating more than half a donut at most, because it's cheese day, but some days that's not possible.

Like today, when Laura went to a special bakery and brought in these huge rich amazing cinnamon and pecan pastry things. They are sort of like Cinnabon pastries, except fresher and more buttery and without that odd trace of chemical taste. And they are perfectly cooked -- my one Cinnabon experience was a sort of gloopy undercooked center (and flavorless dough). These are so huge that there isn't even room on the table in the break room to hold them. Cinnamon wafts through the air today. Our stomachs are distended.

Oddly, the guys here had no trouble eating their share of cheese anyway. And the manager here says that Tuesday is a fine day for cheese day and we're now used to it.

So I'll stick with Tuesdays. But boy, am I full.
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