Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

So What's Sword Dancing, Anyway?

Saturday's Sword Ale was the debut performance of the new Long Sword team in town, which doesn't really have an official name yet but is already referred to as "Guys With Ties" because they've got the coolest kit. Here's a picture of the team on Saturday morning at the first pub stop, before their first dance:

Everybody likes the kit. Usually a sword team wears a white shirt and an awkward sash, but this seems to work very well indeed and absolutely suits the dancers.

Left to right that's:

- Bob W, team musician
- Temple. What you don't see is that his ponytail tie is in the same color as his belt and socks
- Ironman Matt, from whom I stole this picture, taken by his wife Deb
- Douglas qua Douglas
- Tim D., my kind baritone friend
- Derek P, the sweetheart of the local dance community
- Andy K, who sometimes comments on this journal

Bob, Matt, Douglas, and Andy are members of Ramsey's Braggarts with me. Temple, Tim, and Derek dance with Minnesota Traditional Morris. Which is why my suggestion for the team name was Ramsey's Traditional Sword, but that wasn't serious.

Deb got a video of the team dancing Bampton Weavers. This was filmed at the Liffey, which is as great of a pub as it looks like in the video.

That's Long Sword!
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