Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Singing All Weekend

As previously reported, this past weekend was the annual Minnesota Cooper Book singing convention. One of our loyal attendees is a woman named Laura Densmore, who flies out from Pennsylvania twice a year to sing with us. Laura is a talented photographer. When she takes pictures at a singing, she tries to capture not just the character of a portrait but the singing context. Last weekend she gave me the following picture, which she took in September at our Densen Book Singing. What I like about this picture, as should be evident, is that it shows me singing with my friend Cathy. "You sing with her a lot" said a visitor this weekend. Yup.

Click on the picture a couple of times to get a huge rendition.

In a row, that's Christine Stephens, Matt Wells, Cathy, and me. This is the front bench at Murphy's Landing, and for that particular session it was a wonderful strong front bench made up entirely of Minnesotans. It was a happy moment.

I also have a clip, courtesy Matt Wells, from Sunday morning's gospel singing and brunch at Cathy's house. Jim is leading a song from a different shape-note book entirely, called "I Won't Turn Back", so you can hear his voice ringing out. Unfortunately, we are all buried in the sheet music, so you don't see the eye-contact and interaction that usually defines the experience (and which is quite evident in Laura's picture). But this is the weekend group singing yesterday morning:

If you know my voice, you can hear it (or the tattered remnants of it) on some of the held high notes. Behind Jim, to his right, is his daughter Anna and then my friend Cathy next to him and then me.
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