Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Off to the Ale

In a few hours I'll be leaving work and heading over to Denise's and we'll set out for the Midwest Morris Ale in Omaha this weekend. We expect to get as far as Des Moines tonight, but we'll have a nice head start in the morning and we'll be able to stop for a bit in Walnut, Iowa, Iowa's Antique City. Omaha is not an unreasonable day's drive -- I'll be coming back on Monday, in a state of sleepy exhaustion -- but I like the idea of beginning the weekend with a long night's sleep in a motel and a mid-afternoon arrival time. It will seem like a bit of luxury. Plus I really want a bottom bunk in the one big indoor room at the Ale, so getting to the Ale site as early as possible is advisable.

It will rain, of course, as it always does, and they are predicting some serious heat. This is all par for the course. My team will have a pretty good showing, percentagewise, and I look forward to a couple of days of nothing but singing and dancing and hanging out with folks from around the midwest I've come to know over the last several years. There will also be continuous beer.

What any of this has to do with rural British men of the 18th century I'm not sure.
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