Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Big Trombones and the Rat-a-Tat Drums

Ok, ok, it was great to march with the Freedom Band in the Pride Parade last weekend. There were some performance issues we needed to address before the parade began, but we did some position shuffling and part re-working and everything was mostly fine. quietdanmn caught a nice picture of me on the march, sight-reading the special bass drum arrangement I'd written out and taped to my drum. Had Dan caught me at any other time I would have been laughing and smiling to beat the band.

A few blocks into the parade the joy switch went on and I was wholly inside the music and the march. If you've ever marched in a parade as part of a band you might know the feeling of being cheered by streets packed with onlookers as you march by. It's a great feeling, and being the gay/lesbian community band in the Pride parade gives an overlay of what feels like significance, or at least an extra kick of pleasure.

This is what I do.

When I went to the Eagle later that day some people I don't know and some people I do came up to tell me they'd seen me marching in the parade and that we sounded good. This means a lot a to me. I think bands add a lot to a march. I'm a little biased in that.
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