Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Minnesota Mansions with Mom and Dad

I really love this stage of planning, when everything is about research and possibility. It's like the early stages of writing a technical administration document, when you think it's possible to include everything down to a planning and a troubleshooting section, before the realities of research and cooperation bring you down.

A few years ago I met up with my parents in San Francisco to see an exhibit at the De Young Museum on the Arts and Crafts Movement. Last year I met up with them in Seattle to attend an Arts and Crafts conference and take a bungalow tour. This year I invited them to come to Minnesota in September to check out some of the amazing houses right here -- in particular the Purcell-Cutts house, an important Prairie School building owned by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, which sponsors tours the second weekend of each month.

This is the outline of the visit, or at least the house-viewing part:

They arrive on a Thursday afternoon, and we'll be driving up to spend the night in Duluth so we can go first thing Friday morning to tour the Glensheen mansion, one of the most expensive houses ever built in Minnesota and the site of a pretty serious murder in the 1970s (rich old lady, son-in-law and maybe daughter who needed their inheritance NOW). I've never seen Glensheen.

I think we'll try to get to Duluth in time for dinner. I'm not sure where, but this place looks promising for breakfast on Friday morning (omelets, tofu scramble, burritos, pancakes...). Actually their dinner menu looks just right for my parents as well: Interesting salads, roast chicken, vegan paella, a hippie sensibility.

We'll return to Minneapolis Friday afternoon. We'll have dinner with friends.

Saturday is the focus of the weekend: The house tour of the Purcell-Cutts house.

The web site for the Institute of Arts now includes some self-guided Prairie School architecture tours. So maybe we'll take one of the tours, if there's time later in the day.

My friend Jim suggested we have a singing party on Saturday night.

We could use Sunday to take the self-guided architecture tours, or we can go see the James J. Hill mansion, another place right in my own backyard I've yet to visit.

My parents have many local friends they may want to visit on Sunday. In fact, it's starting to look as if I've allowed them too little time to do so.

Still, that's the whirlwind house tour weekend I have planned.
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