Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Off to Geekland

I've been terrible about keeping up this journal for the last several weeks. I have many stories and thoughts and updates I've been forming in my head, but they'll have to remain ethereal.

In the meantime, I'm flying to San Diego tomorrow for the second half of the USENIX-LISA conference, the "Large Installation System Administration Conference". Work is paying even more of it than last year, despite budget cutbacks, although still not enough for me to attend the entire week. I am greatly looking forward to spending a few days just hanging out with the sysadmins. Winter has hit hard and sudden here in Minnesota, but the predictions for San Diego later this week is that the temperatures will be in the high 70s with sunshine.

I've made many good friends at this conference in the past, many of whom are livejournal friends. Some of these friends will be at the conference this year -- in fact, they are there already. I look forward to some late nights talking about multipathed devices and bad GUI interfaces while people complain to me about Red Hat. I'm tough. I can take it.

Usually I have a new sysadmin song for each conference, but not this year. Blame the economy.

I am in a good mood about this trip. Enjoy yourselves while I'm gone.
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