Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Where Are The Aprons of Yesteryear?

This isn't much of a journal entry, but the picture is too silly to remain unposted. This is not a great photo of any of the three people in it, but the aprons came out great.

My entire immediate family met up over the holidays for a family photo. That's my parents, me and my three brothers, my two sisters-in-law, my niece, and my two nephews. I gave my sisters-in-law matching vintage aprons, made from dishtowels. I purchased them at an estate sale a while back. They were unused and, amazingly, still had the original price tags pinned to them. They were something like 69 cents each. I place them in the late fifties.

I'm not really sure why these aprons exist -- why would you take a dishtowel and turn it into an apron? But these are not the only such aprons I've seen.

My sisters-in-law put on their aprons, so my mother went into the kitchen to get the vintage apron I gave her a few months back and then my father took this photo. My mother's apron was also unused when I purchased it, and I'm pretty certain it's from the 1940s. So here are Janine, my mother, and Jodi, wearing the old aprons. In my parents' living room in New Jersey.

You can click twice for a larger size, if you want to make out the lettering on the side aprons.
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