Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Week of Large Food Quantities

Regular readers of my journal might note that there are a few recurring events each year for which I prepare vast quantities of food. This year the annual team meeting of Ramsey's Braggarts Morris Men was a little late and the annual Cooper Book Shapenote Convention is a little early, which means that these two events abut. (There, I snuck in the work "abut".)

This is my 8-day schedule, starting from last Saturday:

Saturday: Shop for ingredients for the 14-avocado bowl of guacamole. This year the avocados were wonderfully ripe. As Douglas noted, they were two-days overripe because of the connection between the avocado harvest and the Superbowl. Run into Bells of the North Founder Laurie at the market and chat with her about the Braggarts (explaining the rather unusual quantities of avocados and tomatos and peppers I am purchasing) while she helps me out by bagging my groceries with amazing dispatch and skill. She warned me that there was going to be organization to the bagging.

Sunday night: Lay out non-refrigerated ingredients and bowls and utensils and cutting boards.

Monday night: Chop chop chop chop chop mash stir squeeze squeeze stir chop. Lots of fresh cilantro. Best guacamole I've ever made.

Tuesday lunch hour: Shop for cheese and crackers to increase size of spread. Surdyks had some Leicester in that was aged and crystalline and astoundingly good.

Tuesday night: Team meeting. Tons of fun. Other Braggarts bring more food. Deb and Matt bring about 8 pounds of the most delicious humus I've ever had, plus good felafel. Lots of cleanup because of flood beneath sink due to loosening pipes. Braggarts fix my sink. Much ruined cleaning supplies.

Wednesday night: Shop for food for Shapenote Convention and replenished cleaning supplies. This could not be combined with shopping for food for Braggarts team meeting for reasons of organizational simplicity and room in the refrigerator. Ingredients for huge bowl of tortellini salad (four packages fresh basil!). Much cheese and salami to cut up for lunch platters. Random baked goods to fill in as we run out over the weekend. Four pounds of bacon for Sunday's gospel brunch.

Thursday morning: Prepare marinade for tortellini salad: olive oil, fresh lemon juice, peeled garlic cloves sliced in half. Lay out ingredients, food processor, bowls, and knives.

Thursday night: Make giant bowl of tortellini salad. (For the fall convention I make two giant bowls of tortellini salad, which takes a lot longer). Chop basil, slice grape tomatos in half, crumble feta, etc. Make salad. Slice up cheese and salami. Clean up.

Friday lunch: Purchase 8 large spinach pies for Saturday night's party. Purchase wine and cheese to bring to small dinner tonight to welcome Jim and Denise's out-of-town guests.

Friday evening: Fabulous dinner and much fun to welcome guests. Go home and lay out boxes and serving trays and utensils to transport to singing in the morning.

Saturday morning; Pack up food for dinner on the grounds.

Saturday day: Sing, sing, sing. Hooray. Much delight.

Saturday evening: Cut spinach pies into six or eight pieces, lay out on platter. Organize leftover food from lunch. Bring to evening social. Sing some more, hang out with visitors.

Sunday dawn: Get up and cook four pounds of bacon.

Sunday morning and early afternoon: Gospel brunch at Cathy's.

Then I go home and clean up some more and take a nap. That's my week. If there are visitors staying over until Monday morning sometimes we go out to dinner. Which might sound odd, given how much food I've just mentioned providing, but I don't really eat much of it. It's for company. I tasted the tortellini salad though (to adjust the salt and pepper) and it's promising. I'm really starting to get some of this down.
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