Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Pleasant Singing Weekend

This past weekend the Minnesota shapenote singers hosted our annual Cooper Book Convention, and it was just a lovely time for me. We sang all day Saturday, in a formal convention setting, then at a party on Saturday night, then again over brunch for a few hours on Sunday in my friend Cathy's living room. On Sunday evening when I dropped by for Showtune night at the Bolt, as is my habit, I sat quietly to the side and realized that I was in a singularly happy mood. Singing weekends do that to me.

Today I received a photo in the mail from my singing friend Martha Beverly, taken on Friday, the convention's eve. Jim and Denise hosted a few folks from out of town (including Martha and her husband) and fed them a nice dinner that evening, to which he invited me. I provided wine and cheese. I didn't really want to do much singing, as I was going to be doing a bit of the keying the next day and I have a habit of singing my voice to shreds at the slightest opportunity. But then, after a couple of hours of laughter and conversation, I got up from the table to leave and somebody (I think Jim) insisted we sing one song. Ok, I said. Without pause I dove right into "The Land Where We'll Never Grow Old". We sang with passion and joy and then I went home happy to get a good pre-convention night of sleep.

Martha took this picture from a seated position, and it provides the only view of the underside of my chin I believe I've ever seen. The faces visible in the picture are Midge, me, Denise, Jim, and Laura. I don't know what this pictures conveys to those who were not there or who do not sing this stuff, but I know what it conveys to me and it what it conveys is a very pleasant memory indeed.

[Click twice for larger images.]

All our sorrows will end
And our voices will blend
With our loved ones who've gone on before...
In a land where we'll never grow old
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