Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

eBay Weirdness of the Day

It's been a while since I've posted about odd things I've come across on eBay. That's in large part because I seem to find entertainment on eBay in cycles.

I have one thing to post today: A teapot that's meant to be cute and silly, but winds up being a little bit creepy or at least disconcerting:

The description on eBay said that the figure is a monkey holding a coconut, but that doesn't look anything like a coconut to me. It appears, rather, to be some sort of fruit. When you pour the tea it emerges from the stem. I'm willing to entertain other guesses as to what this is supposed to be.

But whatever it's supposed to be, it doesn't look as if the monkey is holding something. Instead it looks as if the "fruit" is part of the monkey, like a pregnant belly or a giant tumor, and the tea emerges from the monkey's bellybutton. I would not find the tea appealing, since the fruit's stem reminds me too much of a drainage stent for infected pus.

Perhaps I've been watching too many shows on The Learning Channel about medical abnormalities.

Oh, and of course there's the always-disconcerting factor of a headless monkey, as this one would be when you are filling the pot with tea and hot water.

I did not bid on this teapot, although I'm not entirely sure that was the right decision.

Why does this stuff exist?
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