Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

I Made A Fool of Myself over one Peter Orszag

Carol Burnett got a jumpstart early in her career with a speciality number she performed at nightclubs called I Made a Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles. Even without knowing that John Foster Dulles was considered to be a serious wonky guy, just the title alone is a funny conceit. It was a clever hook. What really gets me, though, is that it's a song for me.

Ok, I haven't made a fool of myself over John Foster Dulles in particular. But I sure have for wonks in general. You know: Geeks. Nerds. It's the least well-kept secret in the world, that I've got a soft spot for the dorky. The right sort of geek makes my little heart flutter. They can be so cute, in their obsession and earnestness. I want to hear them say "Kerberos authentication", and then I want to hear them rant about how ineffective the Kerberos authentication protocol is in the first place. I want to hear how much storage they administer. And then I want to rip their ill-fitting clothing right off their pale bodies and throw them down on top of their APC switch and dare them to reduce my downtime.

Oops, I'm getting carried away again. But let me say that it's not only computer geeks who reach me at the core (ha ha), it's just that their jargon comes most readily to mind. Because it was not a computer guy who got to me last night, who took me by surprise and made me want to Google his blog. No, no. This time it was an ECONOMIST! It was President Obama's director of the Office of Management and Budget, the adorable Peter Orszag. I was watching the Rachel Maddow show, as I do at every opportunity, and he was her guest -- which is quite a coup for our Ms. Maddow. He started to talk about Obama's budget priorities and policies and that piece of me over which I have no control started to perk up with interest. He's the real-life version of the Henry character on Ugly Betty, only less annoying. Just look at him, in full economist mode. Isn't he cute?

What really clinched it for me was that at the end of the interview he brought up the issue of white house office building fires, a subject about which Rachel Maddow is fascinated bordering on obsessed. It seems that on a regular basis there are office fires in and around the government buildings, the most notable having taken place under Dick Cheney's watch. Recently a fire in Dr. Orszag's office fireplace set off smoke alarms, an event she had reported on. Well, he was just the funniest and best sport about the whole thing. Suddenly he wasn't just an earnest policy wonk geek, he was a smiling funny doesn't-take-everything too seriously policy wonk cute geek. Be still my degree-impressed heart.

Checking around on the Net it looks as if that hair may be a toupee, and not such a good one at that. But I couldn't tell that from the television last night, and I don't care. This is a man I'd trust my numbers with any day.
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