Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Silver Bells, Silver Bells: It's Mayday Time in the City

Here's a picture-puzzle for the Morris dancers. This is my Morris team, Ramsey's Braggarts Morris Men, on Mayday morning about 6:15am or so. I'm at the top of the picture. Aren't we doing a lovely hey?

Here's the puzzler: What's wrong with this picture?

[Cue Jeopardy theme, fold arms, tap foot...]

That's right, boys and girls, there are NINE dancers. What the heck is a Hey for Nine?

OK, it's not a hey. Nope, it's a half-gyp. That explains it, doesn't it? This is Cuckoo's Nest for nine. We threw it together a week or two before Mayday. Which could lead into another little musing on why it's sometimes a great advantage to dance on a single tradition team.

But instead I just have a little musing on how it was a lovely Mayday. We so so so lucked out with the weather, in the morning in the evening and again on Sunday afternoon for the Mayday Parade and Festival in Powderhorn Park. Most of my team managed to take Friday off work so we danced as a team all morning before meeting up with some of the other traveling troupes of brave and foolhardy Morris dancers of the Twin Cities. We do our bit to make the seasons go round.

By dancing a Hey for Nine.
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