Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Midwest Ale Hits the Twin Cities This Weekend

It's at last hitting me that the Midwest Morris Ale is this weekend already, and we the Morris teams of the Twin Cities are hosting this year. This is scary because there are some details here and there that I'm suddenly thinking are ones I should have taken care of (even though I'm not in particular charge of anything). I never did see through some of my major plans, including one to make signposts to the Ale site (a camp west of the city) in the shape and kit of lifesize Morris dancers from each of the local teams. It would have been a lot of work for a quick joke, which is just up my alley, but I have not been as go-getting productive these last few months as I sometimes am.

I may find time to write more musings tomorrow, but for now I want to announce to any local residents of the Twin Cities who will be in town this weekend:

On Saturday afternoon from about 4pm to 5pm all the five tour buses of Morris dancers who will be scattered about the cities all day will meet up together at the Spoon and Cherry at the Sculpture Garden of the Walker Museum for an hour of show dances and mass dances. You will get a kick out of this, I promise you.

General tour information for the rest of the day is here, although tours tend not to be precise in terms of actual times:

It will be a fine couple of days with my friends. Dance and song and such. And it won't be bookended this year by a long wearisome drive, on too little sleep for the return journey. What a treat.
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