Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Brief eBay Weirdness Post

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of some of the more interesting things I've found on eBay. I guess I haven't been browsing much there in recent months. So just to catch up I present two photos of eBay items -- one of which I purchased and one which I did not.

First the item I did not purchase, although believe me if this weren't the sort of thing that sells for hundreds of dollars I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat and it would have taken a prominent place in my (metaphoric) cabinet of amazing things. It's an early Mickey Mouse piece, and I should say as background that in the beginning Mickey Mouse was not solely meant to entertain children. In fact, early cartoons were shown before movies that were definitely for adults. I'm sure many of us remember the Warner Brothers cartoons we saw on tv when we were children that were just packed with references no child would get, even when the cartoons were new.

You actually could find things in the 1930s like corset covers with Disney's Snow White woven into the fabric. And you could find bracelets like this one, which I doubt was meant for a child:

Just as a piece of deco design I love the enamel on this bracelet. Add to that the iconic Mickey, and you've got an item I would definitely look at twice. But check out the scene depicted here. It's almost cliche to speak of the weirdness of a mouse having a pet dog. What could be stranger than that? But to show a mouse going duck hunting with that dog suddenly transformed from his silly pet status into a hunting dog? Borderline Twilight Zone creepy. And why would you want to wear this scene as a decorative item? Yes, I can think of answers to these questions, and of course Mickey is not really a mouse but an Everyman. Nonetheless, I see levels upon levels of absurdity here.

The opening bid for this was something like $125 and I never even followed the auction. But I snatched up the picture.

As a consolation prize, here's a picture of another one of those items for which I bid the minimum and won the auction. A few days later another one of these came up on eBay, and the temptation to put together a set arose, but only vaguely. First the picture, then the reason I wanted it:

That cute little bunny is picking his nose with a carrot! I'm not sure I can add anything more, except to say that on the actual cup itself it still looks as if the bunny is picking his nose with a carrot.

Who comes up with these ideas? Who approves them?
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