Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Going to Morris Camp

In a week I leave for Morris Camp. Technically what I am attending is the Morris Dance Intensive Course that is part of Folk Music Week at Pinewoods. The staff for the camp includes some people I think very highly of, including my Morris team's own Bob Walser and the wonderful Dave Webber and Anni Fentiman whose recordings are among my absolute favorites. This Morris Intensive program is new, and was added at something of the last minute, so I'm not really sure what this will be like.

This is the description on the web site:

This is a workshop for experienced morris dancers that looks at a range of Cotswold traditions, ultimately focusing on two to four and some representative teams that illustrate those traditions beautifully. For each tradition we will analyze the various dance moves, figures and dances that define them and how a team style is expressed through them. This is not a general 'learn 3 traditions' class, but reaches for a higher level of interpretation, emphasizing key moves, moments in the dances and interactions with the musician.

First I thought, well, I'm not an experienced morris dancer, but then I came to my senses and realized how absurd that assessment is. I may dance on a single tradition team, but I don't think you can call me inexperienced. As for the rest of it, that's the stuff my team talks about all the time -- whether that's evident in our actual dancing is another isse.

In fact, I was originally wary about the whole thing, not just the Morris part. Much as I love weekends like the Midwest Morris Ale, a weekend is one thing and a week is another. What put me over the edge and decided me was when I told my parents about this event, and that I was considering it, and they said -- sort of baffled -- "What are you deciding about? Isn't this a week that was planned specifically for you?" And I think they're correct.

Best of all, some other members of my team (in addition to Bob and his young son Smack) and some other dancers from Minnesota will be attending as well, so at a bare minimum this will be just a fun time with my friends.

So that's my excuse to post a couple of wonderful pictures I just found on flickr that were taken at this year's Midwest Ale. The theme is: Other members of my team who will be at the Morris Intensive week. First, here's some folks from my team dancing something we put together this year called "Troikles" -- a variant of "Trunkles" in which three dancers instead of two perform the figures:

That's Bob on the right. As always, you can click a couple of times to get larger versions of these pictures. Very large versions in these case.

And here's Andy being Andy. He'll be at the camp as well:

And then here's the most wonderful and stunning picture of Micheal. rsc and jwg: This is the friend I will be traveling with, so you can recognize him when we show up at your door next week:

I really love that picture. Would I love that picture so much if it were of a stranger? I believe I would.

Now to start working on the packing list. Yikes.
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