Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Photos from Omaha

Jim managed to sneak a couple of pictures while I wasn't looking so I share them with us all to show some nice moments of my trip to Omaha for the wedding of my young friend Kaitlin.

This was taken at what was technically the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening -- it was a buffet in a backyard rather than a sitdown formal meal, which I think worked very well for mingling and meeting. The bride and her swing-dancing friends went from the party to the regular swing dance in Omaha, but before they left the bridesmaid/musician Annette and I started singing some swing music and then we started to dance to the accompaniment of our own voices. I've known Annette since she was quite young (that is, even younger than now). She's wearing a bridesmaid dress from a previous wedding. The picture is a little blurred, but I think that makes it look arty and I think Annette looks beautiful here. I like this picture very much.

[Click twice to enlarge]

On Saturday morning Jim and Denise and I went to the Omaha Farmer's market, where a great little Cajun band was playing. I started doing a few dance steps off to the side, and when the group finished they asked me to please keep dancing. When they started up again, Denise was certainly game to join me (big surprise). I'm impressed at what you can take from a phone these days. [Again, click to enlarge...]

Finally here's a picture of the bridal couple, stolen from the bride's Facebook. Apparently this is the moment when the bride realized she had birdseed stuck in her cleavage. It was a beautiful dress, although in this picture you can't see the elegant drape of the skirt. Kaitlin is quite tall, magnificently tall with a proud carriage, and this dress is so right for her.

The weather was lovely and the wedding was very pleasant and I did a bunch of silly dancing with the bride's geek friends, in my role as crazy uncle Steven. Fortunately there are no pictures of that.
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