Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

A funny wormhole of time

Honestly this isn't a "that makes me feel old" anecdote, although it will be hard not to tell it as if it were. On my Facebook friends page just now there was an update from a really lovely young woman I met at Pinewoods last summer where she was on crew (she is one of those sort of beatific types who make you happy just to be around, even at that age) . She is now a freshman at Smith. She rarely updates her status, which is good because she shouldn't be wasting her college time online says fuddy-duddy I in my dad mode. In her update she noted that the Equality march in Washington last weekend was awesome. There were also some wonderful photos of her and her friends at the March, looking like great kids (as of course anybody of that age who attended that march would be).

So I decided to comment on her status, and note how these photos got me thinking back to a similar march in 1987 and then -- well, you can probably figure out how quickly I realized that this was a few years before she was born.

I know, I know -- this is an obnoxious thing to point out, as I was compelled to do in my comment, and perhaps even borderline creepy. But it actually made me feel wonderful to sense that connection, to see those pictures, to see a sort of unbroken tie. I'm not entirely sure I understand why, but this small thing just put me in a wonderful mood.
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