Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Did They Dance the Piccolino?

I was witness to a wedding this weekend of two fine dancers with many in attendance from their various dance communities across the country. This meant for one amazing moment of spontaneous choreography such as I don't think I've ever seen.

At one point the wedding couple danced the traditional wedding waltz -- beautifully, of course, wearing their stunning Norwegian ethnic clothing. There comes a point in this ritual when the announcement is made that the couple would like to invite their guests to join them in the dance. Suddenly -- boom -- instantly -- the floor filled up completely with beautifully dancing couples. Perhaps 90 percent of the guests were on the dance floor, in the space of half a measure, gliding around the room in perfect counterpoint to the music. I've never seen this happen so fast, so completely, so thoroughly, so gracefully.

It was like a scene from an Astaire-Rogers film, after Ginger sings and then Fred joins her in a spectacular dance and then all the dress extras fill the gleaming deco dance floor to the accompaniment of the large orchestra, having picked up the complicated new dance perfectly through quick observation alone. On Saturday the dance floor did not gleam and the orchestra at that point was a Hardanger fiddle, but the spirit and sense of the moment were the same.

Sometimes life is just like the movies.
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