Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Quintessentially English

While doing some web-searching last week I came across a charming page about the history of the sword dance team in Lingdale, in North Yorkshire. There are some amazing pictures and artifacts and on the whole it's just a delight. This, for example, is a vintage picture of the team:

All on its own the page is one of those only-in-England sorts of things, for so many reasons at so many levels, but what I absolutely love is how perfectly English the names of the team members are. These are the names of the men in that photo:

- Dick Hoggarth
- Terrance Boyes
- Bill Husband
- Wilf Hopper
- Charlie Bringloe
- Dougie Morrell
- Alan Moody
- Harry Dockeray.

Did P.G. Wodehouse or Angela Thirkell make these names up? They are pitch perfect.

You can see the whole page here:
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