Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

The Accidental Trip

I was registered for a company-taught class in Storage and Cluster Management in NYC next week. I bought non-refundable plane tickets and my company reimbursed me. Then the class got canceled. I already had made some plans for my evenings (Morris practice with the Bouwerie Boys! Dinner with friends!). I also had plans for the last day of the week -- since it was a four-day class, this provided the heaven-sent opportunity to take my parents to the Tenement Museum, something we've been talking about since I went two years ago. Then afterward my parents and I could take my friends to dinner, my friends who hosted my mother and me when my father was having surgery last year. It was all so perfectly aligned and lovely and I was greatly looking forward to it.

None of those plans were ones that could not be broken, really, but still -- when the class got canceled my heart sank. Plus I had no idea what to do about the company-paid nonrefundable ticket.

So I came up with an ingenious plan. By lucky happenstance, the class was next being offered four weeks later (which is probably why this one was canceled). So I proposed to my boss that I take care of all my costs to go to NYCity four weeks later for this class if I could use the company-paid tickets to go to NYC anyway as originally planned and work out of my company's NYC offices. It is theoretically no problem for me to work out of my company's New York City offices but we'll see. I have no actual reason to work out of that office -- there is nobody there at all I have any professional connection with. But now it's an adventure -- working on the 24th floor of a business tower in the heart of the Wall Street area. It will also be my first tentative attempt to see how working remotely falls out for me.

This feels odd -- I'm getting on a plane (with a laptop for the first time) to go to work in New York City for a week when I have no work need to do so. But I don't have the vacation days to take this as a real vacation -- even the Tenement Museum tour will be late afternoon, so I can work most of that day. So, in essence, I am about to live in New York City for a week, just because. I am extraordinarily fortunate that I have friends with comfortable room to put me up -- walking distance of my company's offices.

I announced to my Morris team that I was going to miss Braggarts practice next week because I'm going to work for a week in New York City for no reason and Andy, who knew the background, pointed out that I was going on a trip to NYC just to go to Morris practice with the Bouwerie Boys. He's only half right, but I do get to say at Bouwerie Boys practice next week, if I'm asked what brought me to New York, that I came to attend Morris practice and it will be as true as not.

It feels random, and accidental, and unexpected, and exciting.
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