Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

My Big Fat Fabulous Morris Mayday in Pictures

Oh wow, oh wow this was just the best Mayday ever. Well, they all are. The best ever. But so many things fell so wonderfully into serendipitous place this year that I am a happy Morrisman indeed. The weather was gorgeous from dawn until dusk. A Saturday Mayday means that most of the dancers are free to dance all day long. There are some wonderful things happening in the Morris community of Minnesota these days, and Mayday brings everything wonderful to the surface.

Here's (most of) my team in the middle of the day, gathered at Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. Aren't we a cute bunch?

We'd been up since at least an hour before dawn. In fact, it was barely dawn when this picture was taken, as we dance the fifth dance of the morning and it's not much past six am:

After an hour or so of dance and song, followed by breakfast, we danced some fine dances around the Twin Cities. Around 11:30 am some of the teams went over to Birchbark Books, which welcomes us with open arms. Here's when one of the most wonderful unexpected unplanned Mayday moments in memory transpired. The Lord Mayor of Minneapolis and the Lord Mayor's wife were biking around Lake of the Isles when they heard our music and came by. We sat them down and danced Glorishears for them. Here's a picture of youngbuck Eric showing his stuff for the Lord Mayor:

After the dance we formed a receiving line and shook the mayor's hand and bowed in obeisance and it was very silly indeed. There's a great video of the entire dance that will be posted on YouTube later this week, and I'll include it in a separate journal entry.

At 2pm most of the local Morris teams went downtown, in two groups, and danced our way towards each other along Nicollet Mall. Here's a picture of us after we met up, taken from the skyway:

There was lots of mighty fine dancing indeed, all day. I think the teams have never been better. Today my knee is barely working, but I don't care.

We left downtown and headed off to Merlin's Rest pub for the rest of the evening. Here's a bunch of us (I'm inside eating dinner at this point) in front of one of the giant signs they had put up, advertising our presence:

As the evening wore on, we started some singing inside. Here I am leading a song:

But here's an amazing thing: A picture that shows the view that I have when I am leading a song.

Eventually I went home and collapsed into bed, but not before washing my kit since the next day most of us were meeting up again to dance at the Heart of the Beast Mayday Festival at Powderhorn Park. I'm sitting to the side here and watching, but you can see the fun.

On Sunday evening, to tie up the weekend, I went to dinner with some friends from my team. We ate fine food and drank good wine and the hours flew by as we welled up with joy over what an amazing two days it had been.

Happy Mayday to all. Welcome summer. Let it never come to pass that we should fail to raise a glass unto those now gone away who left us the 'obby 'oss to bring the May.

[Pictures taken from Andrew McCracken, Bob Walser, Trenne Fields, and Karen Smudski. Many heartfelt thanks to all.]
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