Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Ramsey's Braggarts Dance for the Lord Mayor

A video is now available on YouTube documenting the wonderful Mayday moment this year when my Morris team, Ramsey's Braggarts Morris Men, danced for the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress of Minneapolis.

Several local Morris teams were dancing at Birchbark Books when the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress, biking nearby around Lake of the Isles, heard our music from two blocks away and came by to check out the event. The wonderful manager of the wonderful bookstore came to me and said, "Surely you're going to introduce the Mayor." It turns out that she didn't really need to encourage this, because the Town Crier of the City of Minneapolis happens to dance on Minnesota Traditional Morris, so he hopped up to the occasion and cried out the proper introductions. Then I directed the Lord Mayor to sit before Ramsey's Braggarts, who would dance a special dance just for him. The rest of the team then invited the Lady Mayoress to join, and the team danced a wonderful Glorishears, which is generally danced for a young maiden. Each individual show-off step is designed to present the dancer's, er, charms to the young maiden. Or the Lord Mayor. Or the Lady Mayoress.

My friend Tera caught most of this on video -- she didn't have her camera out until the Town Crier had finished up. I'm not in this dance, but there I am directing the mayor to his proper place at the beginning. This, to me, shows the joy and spirit and public presence of Morris dancing. It also shows my team doing some damn fine dancing.

I am quite happy this got documented.
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