Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

My Home the Antique Shop

The recent rash of television shows profiling families and individuals who lose themselves in clutter -- in some cases pathologically, which is very sad and not at all quirky -- naturally gives me pause and cause for question. Whatever this mental hoarding switch is that sometimes gets turned on (I think it's a sort of remnant of our evolutionary food-stockpiling past, but of course I have no actual evidence) got turned on in me a long time ago.

I thought of this today because somebody is selling prints of this picture on eBay: A photo taken at an antique store, notable for the vast quantities of Fiestaware for sale:

But here's the sad thing: I looked at that and thought it resembled my own apartment far too much. In fact, in some keys ways my own collection is much nicer (many more rare pieces, for example). This is a photo of a cabinet in my kitchen (with me and Denise and Jim and my landlord Stephen singing in the foreground). This is less than half of my Fiestaware:

I think what may finally cause me to just go out and purchase a digital camera is so that I can document what I have amassed. Which might help me to part with it. Or to show it off with pride. It could go either way.
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