Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

eBay Friday

We're having eBay Friday a little early this week because I won't have time to upload these pictures tomorrow.

This week we have two odd items of cultural detritus. First a teapot. Is this the ugliest teapot ever made, or simply the ugliest Christmas teapot ever made? I guess the ugliest Christmas teapot would necessarily be the ugliest teapot. First of all, this is creepy, since it looks like a monster -- like the living apple trees in the Wizard of Oz movie. It looks like what the evil Witch of Winter turned the Snow Queen into. Would you drink brown liquid from this?

The cheap-looking gilding doesn't help, nor do the jewels that look like a skin condition.

And since I guess I'm on a Christmas theme, here's the perfect present for the pedophile on your gift list.

Fill the bowl with hot water to keep your oatmeal warm. If you're a good boy and clean your plate you can look at the girl's underwear!

Only three more shopping months.
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