Steven (unzeugmatic) wrote,

Multiple Entries

My apologies for cluttering up the friends-list of some lj-ers with multiple posts yesterday (they were not actually identical, but close enough). I make entries through the lj mail client which, unfortunately, is often unreliable. Previous experience has been that if an entry doesn't show up in a minute or two it will never show up. That previous experience is pretty large, and absolutely consistent.

Yesterday the first mailed post did not go through. So I mailed another several minutes later. A while after that I gave up and used the horrific live-journal Java-entry screen. (All Java-Entry screens are horrific.) Two hours later the first two entries showed up.

Deleting the unwanted entries meant that I deleted comments that Josh and Robert made. To answer those here: Wow, great, I'd love to figure out some sort of gathering if I can -- it will depend on when the meeting in Boston takes place, which I should know in about two weeks.
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